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Simple Spice Storage

I first want to say that we absolutely love our rental - it's a spacious townhouse with lots of natural light and space for being so close to DC. However, our least favorite part about it is the kitchen. It is tiny - it's a galley kitchen with no pantry and limited storage space. It is about as wide as the dishwasher and oven doors (you can't walk through if they are open), and Cary and I basically have to take turns being in there. While we are so excited to design our dream kitchen someday, while we are renting we are stuck with what we have.

We have our "pantry" shelves down in the finished basement, but we really wanted to have our spices accessible from the kitchen without having to run downstairs every time we needed to season something. Thankfully there was a small, unused wall right next to the stove that worked perfectly for some spice shelves.

After some serious research for ideas on Pinterest, I landed on some photo ledges from Ikea. While they are not designed for kitchen storage, they have worked perfectly - they are deep enough to accommodate a range of container sizes, including 32 oz mason jars, but not so deep that they stick out from the wall too much. They also have a ledge on the front so the jars don't fall off easily.

As far as installation goes, we just tried to place them an equal distance apart from one another at a reasonable hight to reach the top shelf. The walls were already white so we didn't have to worry about painting anything. We had already gotten the spice jars and label maker (below) - the hardest part was going to Ikea to pick up the shelves!

What We Used

There is a wide range of options available for spice storage (more ideas below). We went for timeless, simplicity and consistency.

1. Shelves // 2. Spice jars // 3. Funnel // 4. Label maker

Spice Storage Inspiration

Other Great Products

*Marie Condo's line at The Container Store is delightful!


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