Loving Lately: White Dinnerware

I am a sucker for beautiful dinnerware. I prefer things to be on the simple side - white, clean lines, and symmetrical. I also love complete, matching sets. I think white dinnerware in particular can add a lot to a table without being a distraction - you can focus on the colors of the food and greenery, the textures of the linens, glassware, and ceramics, and the warmth of a natural wood table and chairs.

Image 1 // Image 2 // Image 3 // Image 4

While we settled on this set of simple white plates and this set of bowls for our home, there are so many beautiful options out there. Someday we might have a second set of nicer, hand-made dishes, but for now with our small kitchen with limited storage space, the one simple set works really well. Below is a list of dinnerware I love, and will keep an eye on for the future. I particularly love all of the beautiful options you can find on Etsy!

1. Verge Dinnerware // 2. Bennett Dinnerware // 3. Toben Dinnerware // 4. Crisp Matte White Dinnerware

5. Coupe Dinnerware // 6. Minimal Dishes // 7. Bone China Set // 8. Straight Edge Deep Dishes

9. Everyday Ceramic Dishes // 10. Hand-made Ceramic Dinnerware // 11. Classic Porcelain Dinnerware //

12. Purio White Dinnerware


This post is not sponsored or in partnership with any of the aforementioned brands, and there are no affiliate links included. All opinions are my own.