Vintage + artisan goods for the home

Simple Essentials is a collection of vintage and handmade goods for the home curated by Sarah Lyons. While most secondhand items show some wear from age and use, I often love these “imperfections” because they give each item character and helps to tell its story. That being said, I only include items here that are of good quality, fully functional, and that I would be willing to love and use in my own home.

Simple materials + functional design

This space is inspired by a love and appreciation for Scandinavian, mid-century modern, and minimalist design. I am always looking out for beautiful, simple, and timeless pieces, and prioritize both beauty and function in everything I bring to the shop.

I am intentional about only bringing things into my home that inspire calm and happiness, and that help to create a welcoming space for my community of friends and family. I hope that this space can inspire you to fill your home with things that you both love and use fully, too!